Books on writing, Vol.2

First off, I’m glad that the question “Do I really have to read boos on writing?” has caused such an active discussion.

Here’s just some bits of experience that I did make after reading a couple of those books that I wanted to share.

I’ve read a couple of books on writing or editing so far, but honestly they don’t actually do anything for me other than going into theory. Sure, there’s always something new to learn, but if you ask me whether they really influence my writing or whether I feel like I ‘have’ to read any of those books – the answer is no, you don’t have to, but in order to get some information on theory and general techniques it might be a good idea if you don’t have experience yet.

Truth is most of the stuff discussed in those books is common sense and if anybody thinks they ‘write your story for you’ then I’d politely advice them to think again ;)

Nobody can tell you “how to write”, they can just give you some structural advice on the way, but what you make out of it is entirely up to you. You can read three dozen books on writing and still be unable to string a sentence together.

Personally, I’ve made my best experiences by writing the first draft of my novel “Light” just for the writing’s sake and now that I’m facing the editing process I’m looking at some of those books, basically for background knowledge and a few hints, but so far people commenting on my work as well as my own observations have been the best way to do it.

Oh and another piece of advice: If reading any of those books, I’d try and buy them used. Ebay or amazon marketplace are good sources to save ;)

All said and done I’m really not a huge fan of “How To” books, but I don’t deny that they can be helpful. One thing I’m definitely having problems with though is when people tell me “Hey you have to read this book in order to be a good writer.” Sorry to be polemic here, but you’re wrong guys 😉


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