U.S. to tighten visa restrictions

This post on BBC news makes me glad that I already managed to immigrate to the U.S.A. though I’m sometimes not quite sure how ‘happy’ I am to live in a country that seems to get more and more paranoid than it already is.

Maybe it’s my German background, but honestly even with the visa-waiver program that has allowed me to visit Stephen for three months without a visa last year, coming into the United States faintly reminds me of pictures I’m too young to remember: of people trying to cross the border to the DDR (German Democratic Republic).

Okay, this may sound a little polemic there, but as an immigrant I can only shake my head at the way how people are being treated just trying to come into the country for a freaking visit. Honestly things like this, making people apply to be able to visit friends or relatives here or even just going for a holiday has nothing to do with being afraid of terror acts, but everything with paranoia. This makes me wonder how far we’re still away from George Orwell’s Thought Police etc. Brave New World indeed…

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