Arturiel Valyr – Painting

Yes, I know, should have done this last week, but after a quick character sketch that I did today at work, I just couldn’t resist painting him. Doesn’t look as creepy and insane, but trust me he is…

That’s Arturiel Valyr, Ares’ nemesis and my “Lieblingsboesewicht” 😉 for you:

2 Responses to “Arturiel Valyr – Painting”

  1. dfrucci Says:

    Another nice piece of art! I’m getting pretty stoked to read your novel, when its completed. All the characters seem really interesting.

  2. nymeria87 Says:

    Thanks! I love to write about my characters and they are all rather devious and have their quirks. Valyr definitely is on the creeepy and insane side, but I love to write scenes between him and Ares.

    Glad to get you interested in reading Light 🙂 Right now I’m still editing the prologue, but I guess I’ll upload it into the excerpt section on my blog for everyone to read. Might do that with select other chapters too. I’d say check out the chapter posts that I made before and email me for the password, but like I mentioned, the beginning really doesn’t live up to the end so it’s pretty pointless to read it right now. I’ll be working on getting it up and polished asap though 😀

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