Villain – Sirius Nymeron

~Character Sheet~

Name: Sirius Nymeron, The Eye of the Empire of Light (or another fancy way of saying ‘Emperor’)

Age: 62

Appearance: Not even six feet tall, Nymeron should inspire people to say “I expected you to be taller”, but they never get that far. With eyes a shade of dark lilac in an almost ascetic face and hair that’s been silvery white since he was born, people find it hard to put an age to him as he aged rather well and refuses to succumb to a quiet life in the Palace only. If anything, power and the knowledge of how to wield it sustains Sirius and he relishes being a public person, upholding the image of the Empire by showing strength and certainty  without failure.

Family: As of now we know precious little about Nymeron’s parents and family background and it’ll remain open for now. What the Hellenes do know about him is tied to the Unification Wars, his role in consolidating the parties at war and being one of the main agents in drawing up the treaties of Unification etc. The public image of Nymeron’s past is a political one without anything leaking out about him as a person. He’s known for his efforts to keep it that way and publicly he’s been a clean slate. Sirius Nymeron is personified professionalism – at least most of the time.

He never officially married after assuming his position as the Eye, but he has two children, his son and heir Raeyn and Dawnelle, five years younger than him. Their mother, or mothers for that matter are unknown to the public and I’m leaving it open for now to avoid spoilers 😉

Both Raeyn and Dawnelle are acknowledged as ‘legitimate’ since Nymeron detests the notion of bastards and the general idea of degradation that goes along with the concept. Some take this as a hint that Nymeron himself was not a ‘legitimate’ child.

Of course there are rumors about Nymeron’s multiple affairs with different women, one of the more spectacular ones indicating that the mother of his children ‘disappeared’ after Nymeron finding out that she was Cursed. This rumor only is fueled when Raeyn mysteriously vanishes just before he turns twenty and Nymeron turns the entire Empire upside down to find his ‘lost son’, but fails. No need to say that the public is convinced that Raeyn must show signs of the Curse to disappear like that.

In general, Nymeron neither crushes those rumors about his person, nor does he try to encourage them. In his opinion they are something that go hand in hand with his personality and he likes to think of himself as mysterious as long as it serves his purposes.

After his futile search for Raeyn, he officially declares him as lost and instals Dawnelle as his heir, while speculations are that this had been his plan all the time since Dawnelle proved to be the more apt learner as far as politics and intrigue were concerned.

Profession: Nymeron is one of those apparently born to rule. He craves power and knows how to use it to his own ends. He plays on intrigue and manipulation without letting anyone notice they are being played all along. Some may call his ability to twist every situation to his benefit as uncanny, others don’t doubt his ultimate righteousness. Whatever he does, Sirius Nymeron does it for the good of the many, even if that means hunting down those unfortunate enough to be Cursed with magical abilities that ultimately lead to their death – if they’re lucky. That’s as far as common perception of the Curse goes and Nymeron definitely doesn’t try to change that particular image.

In the end he’s one of those villains who aren’t evil per se, he’s just following his own ideals, doing what he thinks best for his Empire, and betimes himself.



4 Responses to “Villain – Sirius Nymeron”

  1. dfrucci Says:

    Very interesting character, very 3D as well. I like the way it seems like your discovering your character yourself as well, really cool

  2. nymeria87 Says:

    That’s actually exactly how this works, or is supposed to. If you try to focus on a character adding some details that you haven’t mentioned in your writing yet, it makes them much more complex, and more ‘real’ in a way. Might try and do that for secondary characters as well. Works for background and general motivation and it gives you so much more to work with – and this is how I spend time at work, instead of actually working making actual money…ah well.

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  4. Saint Know-All Says:

    I like the sense of ominous mystery; he seems like a slippery character indeed. 🙂

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