Indulge me for a one-minute rant…

No editing done, but that’s really not it. The truth is that I’m not quite sure anymore if I really picked the right place to live.

Fucking bible belt states and people telling me how to live, talk – even pray for fuck’s sake without any regard that I don’t even believe in their crap.

I’m seriously tired of ignorant, self-righteous people.

Sorry about the rant, I guess I’m just tired.

Definitely won’t get any writing done today *sigh* It’s not that anyone of my family here would read it anyway. Next weekend we’ll have a huge family reunion. Can I just say that I really don’t care much about going, but that I’ll doubtlessly get roped into it again?

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3 Responses to “Indulge me for a one-minute rant…”

  1. sirayn Says:

    Sorry I wasn’t around earlier Steffi love. I’m here now if you need to talk. *hugs*

  2. dfrucci Says:

    Sorry to hear about that 😦
    Maybe its not where you live thats fucked up but everywhere in itself. There will always be uptight people who decide that they have higher privilege and class than others. Seeing as which they believe they can preach their crap on to others who show no interest anyways.

    btw, love the ‘fuck’s sake’ part 😉

  3. nymeria87 Says:

    Thanks Sira for listening to my rants, sometimes I just need to talk to a normal person to feel all better *hugs*

    It wasn’t really all that bad, just a lot of those seemingly little things accumulating that just made me shoot through the roof… I really like living here and Stephen’s family’s great, but sometimes they do annoy all the Seven Hells out of me…

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