All Hell Breaks Loose… (Nym and math)


+ massive headache

= Nym’s not having the best of days


+ massive headache

+ Monday at work

+ boss will be out of state for at least another day or so

= chaos ensues


+ massive headache

+ Monday alone at the office

+ chaos with a broken office computer

= Nym alone at the office -> lots of time to rewrite One

Yeah, tell me the logic behind that formula. Let’s just say that me and math never got along very well πŸ™‚ I’m serious about the rewrite though. The plan is to rewrite One and then go and polish it some more, because this is basically an entirely new chapter. Sure, the core plot is still the same, but let’s just say starting to scribble edits into the original draft really doesn’t work, because so much just doesn’t work anymore.


+ lots of coffee

+ laptop

= life is good πŸ˜€


One Response to “All Hell Breaks Loose… (Nym and math)”

  1. dfrucci Says:

    Hmm very deep formula πŸ™‚ hope the editing of it works well

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