More from the uni-warz

Really, I’ve done all this before in Germany. Applying for uni, filling out tons and tons of paperwork. Getting accepted. Picking classes, buying books, getting used to living in a big city and let’s not forget trying NOT to get lost every time I go to uni (me and orientation don’t go very well together 8) )

Anyway, here we go again. Yesterday I received a letter from WSU saying yes, they accept me as a Utah-resident which means tuition will be under $2,000 instead of *gasp* over $6,000, which I seriously can’t afford. Not that I was overly worried about possibly not being accepted, but you know, I love to stress. So now that that’s settled, I’ll take mot of tomorrow off (really hoping my boss will be back at the office) and attend a student orientation thingy that will hopefully help me fix my schedule as well. Apparently I already have 49 credits from school and university in Germany, now I just need to figure out which ones count for what here… Let’s hope for a nice, patient adviser here then, because hey this is going to take a while…

So now to apply for any kinds of grants and scholarships that I can possibly get…

Keep your fingers crossed for me, folks.

One Response to “More from the uni-warz”

  1. dfrucci Says:

    Damn sounds real confusing. Good luck with it, fingers crossed 😉

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