Villain – Dawnelle Nymeron

~character sheet~

Name: Dawnelle “Dawn” Nymeron

Age: 22

Appearance: With her five feet and two inches Dawnelle can be rightfully considered ‘short’, just like her father. The dark lilac eyes run in the family along with size, but unlike her father and her brother, Dawnelle’s hair isn’t silvery white, but a curly dark brown. In a way this sets her apart from her father’s line, even though it’s not a secret that neither her nor her older brother Raeyn have been born in wedlock since her father never married.  I try to avoid further descriptions like ‘slender, but curvacious’ and similar blah-blah, because it’s just redundant. Let’s just say that yes, most people think of her as attractive, though ‘pretty’ probably wouldn’t be the word to describe her (unless she’s in one of her ‘girly’ moods)

Family and Background: Neither her nor her older brother Raeyn know their mother(s) as their father has been known to never have engaged in anything else but occasional affairs. None of them is really bothered by that fact as it has been part of their upbringing. Likewise, Sirius Nymeron tolerates Dawnelle’s affairs with a certain indifference. Nonetheless, Dawnelle is probably the only one (except Raeyn at times) who has every experienced the Eye as a loving and caring father as she grew up without wanting for anything whether materially or emotionally.

Unlike her brother though, Dawnelle always loved to learn about politics and state craft. From the beginning she has been a much more apt and active student than Raeyn had ever been and some might say that she had a hand in his disappearance, being declared heir after the search for her brother remained futile.

Even as a child, Dawnelle was known to be sly and liable to sneak out of the Palace with her brother. Even though she openly led a very sheltered life in the Palace she quickly learned the harsher facts of life on the streets and learned to use that knowledge to her advantage. If you were to describe her in three words, ruthless, calculating and vindictive come to mind, but then again she can be compassionate and caring as well (in some really irrational way she actually cares for Ares, in her own way…). Like her father, Dawnelle is one of those characters that wear different masks, depending on the situation. Also like him, she knows how to use certain situations to her advantage and openly manipulates not only those beneath her, but more than that, her equals.

Motivation: Dawnelle is one of those villains who rarely do anything without reason. Like her father, she’s dominant and a ‘born ruler’, albeit an often ruthless one. One day, she wants to step up to where her father is now and become the next Eye, ruler over the Empire of Light and to achieve that she does whatever necessary, from merely using her charms, to outright blackmail and manipulation. Until now, she hasn’t openly killed yet and openly she loves to play the innocent girl, but one never knows.

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