This week in the blogosphere

Alright, here we go with my first attempt of what I mean to be a weekly recurring post on what’s new and definitely to be read in the blogosphere. It’s basically a mix of interesting posts from agents’ and author’s blogs and blogs on writing in general. Since we all read a variety of different blogs, this might be a good way to point out the gems in tons and tons of blog posts, opinion of course is subjective, but here we go:

Just today, Nathan Bransford posted an awesome article on the definition of plot. Definitely go and check it out, because it’s rather interesting how many authors keep mixing up premises and themes with plot.

Then we have a whole list of agents who posted some helpful advice on query writing – I know of a bunch of agents who linked to those before, but hey, just for good measure (with a special emphasis on reading and sticking to the agents/agencies’ submission guidelines – simple as that…)

Lucienne Diver

Nephele Tempest

Jennifer Jackson

Go read. Then when you’re at the stage of query writing read them again. 8)

I know it’s technically belonging to last week, but Jessica Faust from Book Ends wrote another interesting post continuing a major discussion about the definition of bad books and why they get published here.

I linked to this before, but I happily join in with Nathan Bransford on It’s Not You – It’s the Odds or: Rainbows and puppies!

This is tangentially related to villain month, but I have to say I really liked elizaw’s post on villains, raising the stakes and the overall question: how much can you do to your protagonists to still make your story work? Okay, elizaw’s title is a bit shorter there…

I’ll conclude this with the words of 


to all the same sex couples that got married in California this week. Let’s hope that many more states will follow California’s example 😀


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