Villain – Dawnelle Nymeron: character art

I made this one a while back and it probably needs a little polishing (a new Dawnelle painting is in progress too), but just for the sake of completion:

Thanks a lot to Claire for being a wonderful model for Dawnelle 😀

Another painting featuring Dawnelle can be found here

It’s the second one down featuring her and Ares as well as a rather pissed-off Damian, but hey what do you expect? To anyone who wonders about this one, it’s not an actual scene from the book for once, but to be seen symbolically. The painting has its flaws, but I still like it as it’s been one of my first ones 🙂

As to painting WIP, I’m planning on doing separate paintings of Dawnelle, Nymeron and either Laras or Orion (not decided on that one yet), on 8×10 canvas to match the one I made for Arturiel Valyr earlier, so I can hang them together as some sort of ‘gallery of villains’ if you want to put it that way.

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