Another one of those “Damnit!”-moments

Maybe it’s just me and maybe I’m hopelessly easy to influence, but the more I’m reading Sarah Monette’s books, the more I’m thinking if maybe two alternate first person PoV’s might be the way to go to get myself out of my not-so-little PoV dilemma.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to write in first person, but somehow Ares’ PoV only doesn’t seem to encompass everything Light is about. I can’t help the feeling that I need Damian’s PoV in there, less in the beginning of Shadows, but more so in the end and for upcoming books. I need to tie his perspective, the street perspective, if you will, in there somehow whereas Ares has insight into the Palace, the Temple etc.

I definitely don’t want more than two PoVs in first-person, since that would be a) bad style and confusing and b) totally unnecessary and makes the story much too convoluted. And then there’s the problem that Damian’s working his way up more and more into the ‘protagonist’ section here and there’s a lot that I need to integrate about him, his life, motivation, the Shadows etc. Adding him would fill a lot of gaps and make it a little bit easier, but also more complex of a plot.

So why first person of course? Call it a hunch, but maybe it’s some kind of personal affinity or my thinking that two third person PoVs just aren’t all that great and that this leaves the possibility open to integrate even more characters such as the almost typical ‘villain perspective’. This again, is something I refrain from doing, because honestly, Ares and Damian have enough insight into the motivations and intrigues of t heir antagonists. No additional PoV necessary.

Meh, there we are again; at the experimental stage. Guess I can’t help that :p

Any thoughts?

EDIT: Yes, I’m very well aware of exactly how screwed I am 8)


2 Responses to “Another one of those “Damnit!”-moments”

  1. sirayn Says:

    From your first line, I’m going to go with hopelessly easy to influence. Multiple first-person PoVs are THE WORK OF THE DEVIL. Do not be swayed! 😛

  2. nymeria87 Says:

    Err…you forget how hopelessly un-religious I am 8)

    As to the easy to influence part, I’d say, it’s probably part that, but more the fact that I’ve been looking for some kind of middle way since I’ve experimented with the multiple PoV approach in Thirteen through Fifteen. I really like Ares’ first person PoV, but there’s just something missing to make the story more complex (and less confusing).

    Let’s just see how this works and if it doesn’t, I can still scrap it later, right. Riiiiight?

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