Sometimes I really hate beginnings… I’ve written another draft of One, but then again I really wasn’t all that happy with it. I mean, sure, there were good scenes and I liked the character interaction, but altogether it was way too quiet to make a good beginning. It’s bad how long it takes me sometimes to count one and one together and figure out what’s been missing all along, when it’s so easy sometimes…Argh…

Well at least I figured out something else which entails moving one scene to the beginning that originally occurred on page 150 of the book, but it dawned on me that it would make a great opening scene so I’ll do that and incorporate the draft of One I’ve just written either within the same chapter or make Two out of it. I’ll need to make some changes to do that, but it should work. Yay for seeing the obvious and man, I suck.


But hey, solutions! Action! Dialogue! Plot Twists! And yay for friends able to point out the obvious 8)


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