Sarah Monette – The Virtu

You know the phenomenon; authors write a really awesome, original and compelling first novel, but somehow the

sequels never really live up to their debuts? Well, rest assured, The Virtu doesn’t belong into that category.

I’d even say that Monette actually packed more plot and plot twists into this one than into its predecessor, Melusine. She does an excellent job in developing her world and more than that, her characters in ways that make me want more (and fortunately I just got her third book, The Mirador in the mail, how handy is that?)

I’m baffled how good Monette is at driving her characters uh…her character’s words were  uh…”batfuck crazy”?

There’s lots of angst, trauma and personality conflicts and half the time you can’t decide whether you hate or love her characters. This really makes me think that I desperately need to update my list of ‘writers of awesome’, because those books should be there 😀

While the Virtu concludes some main plotlines, it leaves enough open for the third and the fourth book to come. I’m not quite sure if the fourth book, Corambis (coming out in April 2009) will conclude Felix’ and Mildmay’s story, but I certainly wouldn’t mind reading more 😀

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