Well, wasn’t that BOUND to happen?

Here‘s yet another reason why I do have problems living in Utah sometimes.

Don’t get me wrong, please. I met a bunch of awesome and totally open people here who I love and count as family and friends. In many ways Utah really surprised me positively. However, the problems begin whenever religion is touched. With most members of my family and close to all my friends it really isn’t an issue, but then there’s headlines like the link above about the church mobilizing against gay and lesbian marriages that just make me go through the roof. Seriously, as a European I’m used to the church going off against homosexuality and it would be really nice to believe that things have gotten better during the past, but then again you just need to read articles like that to reassure yourself that no, not much really has changed.

I had this big discussion last night with Stephen and his parents. Unlike him, his mom and dad, if not regular church-goers still believe in the LDS principles, which doesn’t make me like them any less, but we get into arguments at times, especially when agnostic me is in one of her more pugnacious moods. So while they argue that religion is different from general society and that you can’t force people to accept homosexuality, I definitely argue the fact that by law you’re not allowed to discriminate against others due to race, ethnicity and yes, also sexuality. Of course law is one thing, society and religion is quite another all over again, but who has the right to withhold acceptance from a constantly growing group of people? Fact is, sadly enough, that equal rights even between men and women aren’t quite reality yet and I’m growing immensely frustrated when I see headlines like that. It honestly makes me wonder when people are going to wake up and part with certain beliefs and prejudices.

“The rainbow shall be in the cloud, and I will look on it to remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is on the earth.”

— Genesis 9:16
Really, do you need any more evidence? Honestly, I’m not going to plunge into a rant about how many contradictions there are in the Bible and how everyone uses them to their hypocritical advantage, but there you have it. Live it.

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