Another editing rant…

Honestly I’m having one of those days. Pondering what to do with this damn novel that wants to be edited so badly, but the first part is so damn horrible that it just makes me cringe. Also, the prologue might be redundant once more (possibly incorporated in chapter Two instead, but I’ll have to rewrite it in first person, because let’s face it, two first person PoVs AND little third-person dream tidbits just doesn’t work. No, not even with me…) since I decided to drive myself crazy over my little PoV crisis, experimenting with two first person PoV’s right now. Yes. Two. First. Person. Point. Of. Fucking. Views.

And yes, I’m aware I completely brought this upon myself. Which doesn’t make it better. But hey, at least I have spurts of ideas of absolute brilliance. Now I only need to have the writing live up to it. Gah!

Man, I should get some more caffeine before I rip someone’s head off, but yeah, end of story is that I wrote a good chapter yesterday, but figured that it’s not the action opening I want and will add it as a contemplative scene either on to One or make chapter Two out of it.

My apologies if I sound a little unorganized and generally homicidal…I guess editing does that to you at times :p

I should just quit my whining and write, but hey at least it seems that I could give a friend some helpful advice yesterday so that boosts my ego a little 8)

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