Villain – Orion Novak

Name: Orion Novak

Age: 26

Family and Background: A whore’s get, Orion doesn’t particularly talk about his past, except for the occasional snarky remark aimed at Naerya and Nurya (who are both courtesans) or Ares for that matter (no, he really doesn’t like him 8) ). If Orion could have it his way, he’d altogether forget where he came from as he despises the life on the streets, even the life in the Shadows after Orpheus accepts him under his tutelage. He never makes it much of a secret that he wants to be something better than his fellow Shadows. Orion has no allegiances and will do whatever serves his purpose, which usually depends on the highest bidder. Most of the time he at least tries to remain in good standing with Orpheus and the rest of the Shadows, but his open enmity with Ares and Damian is no secret.

Orion is some sort of textbook turncoat. A recurring villain, he usually appears whenever you least expect him. In the end he’s nothing but another one of Valyr’s flunkies, though whether he’s one of his “boy toys” as Dahlia Laras refers to him remains open.

If I were to describe Orion in three words, it would probably come down to: treacherous, spiteful and arrogant.

He’s one of those characters that should be destined to die, but of course they don’t do my protagonists the favor. That would be a little too easy guys, wouldn’t it?

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