This week in the Blogosphere…

Honestly? I don’t know about you, but I’ve been pretty lazy this week – blame the heat, the lack of sleep and lack of caffeine… Still, I’ve been able to find some interesting, brilliant and flat out hilarious posts – success 😀

As a writer of urban fantasy I always love to read other urban fantasy writers’ blogs. Can I just say that Jeff Somers makes me crack up? Read his TOP TEN REASONS MY DYSTOPIAN VISION OF THE FUTURE IS BETTER THAN YOUR DYSTOPIAN VISION OF THE FUTURE… here. It’s awesome, especially with emphasis on:

3. Profanity is not only accepted, it is pretty much the only way to make yourself understood.

4. Physical violence is not only not frowned upon, it is expected. And often enjoyed.

I daresay Damian would be happy to join in on that. Hang on, forget the would be 8)

Nathan Bransford wrote this awesome post on the fact that character and plot are indeed inseparable. I mean, you tell me how can you have an intriguing character without the plot that surrounds them? I’m thinking that most of us – myself included – who prefer the character-based approach in writing, rather unconsciously develop character and plot together without even noticing it. After all it goes hand in hand and plot is what makes a compelling character and the other way ’round.

Jessica Faust from Book Ends is quelling some of the most common Submission Freak Outs. For some reason this post reminds me of people going absolutely ballistic on me in a discussion whether to use Times New Roman or Courier New as standard font in manuscripts. Honestly? As long as it’s double-space with first line indent etc. nobody really cares. Really. Calm down.

Like I said, I suppose I’ve been a little too busy procrastinating and getting myself hung up on PoV and general editing crises, but the good thing is, revisions get moving again and maybe next year around this time I’ll be ready to think more seriously about submission. Maybe I’ve read too much Sarah Monette, but the word “bitchkitty” comes to mind whenever I think about editing. Strangely apt 8)


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