The good old PoV dilemma…

…is seriously kicking my ass right now. Sorry for the French, but yes, it’s bad and maybe I’m just fretting too much about it, but currently my options are:

a) One First Person PoV (Ares) as I did in most of the first draft of Light, including minor dream sections in third person – I loved the ‘direct’ approach here and the fact that I can randomly throw in stray thoughts and inner monologue rather well ( There’s a good scene with Nymeron here )

b) Multiple Third Person PoVs (mainly Ares and Damian, including Raeyn in later books), as I did in Thirteen and Fourteen of the first draft as a multi-PoV experiment. I liked it, but got too many characters involved. I don’t want Light to suffer from character overload in the end, this only stretches out the plot with unnecessary details. Another thing I didn’t like here was the distance the third person PoV creates between reader and character. First person is so much more direct and immediate. (Temporarily ‘published’ Fourteen if you want to take a look at this approach here )

c) Two first person PoV’s (Ares and Damian) with distinct voices. This only leaves the problem with the dream sequences; should I mix in third person scenes or should I do them in first person clarifying that this is not directly happening to Ares/Damian? ( I played around with this here and quite liked it, actually. This is most likely the way I want to go, especially since I’m rather fond of Damian’s ‘voice’, but it leaves the problem with the Dreams as I commented below)

See my problem here, folks? I’d be grateful about some thoughts and linked you some chapters to be able to compare the different styles. I may tinker a bit with all three possibilities to decide which one works best in the end.

In Yoda speek: Meditate about this I must.

EDIT: Okay, as I look over this again, I must say that I think I’m pretty set on the first person approach. When it comes down to it, the only benefit of the third person PoVs is that I’d be able to include more characters, but then again I’d run the risk of stretching the plot out unnecessarily, while I actually liked the pacing in the end of the first draft with Ares’ PoV only really well. Adding Damian to the mix offers me the opportunity to tie-in some interesting tidbits, clarify some background, generally fill the novel with some more plot.

ERGO: yes, two first person PoVs is probably the way I’m going to go, but that leaves the problem of the dream sections: Should Ares’ dreams still be in third person or would that be too confusing, let alone an ultimate style-jumble. Should I write them in first person clarifying how he’s in relation to the character he ‘dreams’ about? Thoughts?


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