Gratuitious Kitty Posting

August 2007: Tiny Nazca sleeping in my lap

Gottcha! Daddy has the kitty by the tail

Nazca loves Converse!


Tiny Nazca’s favorite spot: on my shoulder

I iz a bat!

Best friends: Nazca and her teddy bear

Computerkitty – Nazca looooves the laptop

What goes down there? Curious kitty in the bathroom

June 2008: Ey, Rini stole my spot!

‘Kay, I still like to cuddle with you!

Drinking in style or the kitty who refuses to drink out of a bowl

The world is coming to an end! Nazca in one bed with her arch-nemesis Angel and Rini

The Dork Lord on his Dork Throne: Nessa owns all kitties on her TV-empire


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