Tinkering with some new ideas…

Okay, the results of this long weekend’s painting sessions were a bit mixed, but I still like them. Met with Jen and tried out some new things (and I actually got her to start and finish some of her character art – yay!).

The first one is some sort of cover artsy experiment of Ares and Damian on a 12×24 canvas. I liked the way the background and the title turned out, but Damian’s face is way too long so he looks like he’s just jumped out of Disney’s Hercules – don’t ask me how I come to that conclusion 😉


Ares & Damian, just about to get up (I leave the rest up to your imagination :p ) I played a little with impressionism etc. here. The background idea came from Jen and I rather like it. However, I do suck at painting/drawing characters in profile


Ares and Damian at Nightshade on 20×24″ canvas. I had a blast with this one, because in my original source/first sketch Ares’ left hand was pretty close to where this picture would no longer fall under PG 13 :p In the end I gave in to Stephen repeatedly assuring me that a) he’d never be able to bring any friends to our house if this kind of picture would hang in our living room and b) that he’d have nightmares. Honestly, my hubby cracks me up to no end sometimes. Thus, the non x-rated version here (even though it really wasn’t that bad, meh prudish Americans 😉 ) Anyway, this paintings biggest flaw is that Ares and Damian’s heads are out of proportion, but yeah, like I said, I suck at profile-painting  and apparently at proportions too… I still sort of like it though and I’m happy with the title Nightshade.

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