Can you see a theme there?

Okay, so I’ve read Carol Berg’s Transformation and picked up David Gemmell’s Lion of Macedon and Dark Prince a little while ago. I haven’t read the Gemmell books yet, but both him and Carol Berg have Alexander the Great show up and in both books he’s possessed by a demon (at least that’s how much I can conclude from the synopsis on Gemmell). Maybe that’s just me but it sort of amuses me, because in fiction or in the dreadful movie with Colin Farrell back in 2004, Alexander is usually portrayed as the gay emperor. Now we have the fantasy equivalent of Alexander the demon-possessed emperor?

And no, sadly enough he’s not gay in either of the books. Too bad really, but maybe that’s just me thinking he and Seyonne should get it together in Carol Berg’s books (and frankly Seyonne’s wife is a bitch anyway, whereas ‘Zander is kinda cute :p )

Anyway, I guess I’ll make it my personal little ex-Latin-student pet project to compare the Gemmell books with Carol Berg’s stuff to see what they’re doing with the demon-theme. Gemmell’s interpretation of Aristotle as wizard guiding Parmenion makes me smile just thinking of it, by the way.

I’ll check them out and let you know in a post to come.

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