Carol Berg – Rai Kirah trilogy

Seyonne was not always a slave. Once a Warden against demons, he is enslaved after the conquest of his homeland and eventually sold to Aleksander, the Derzhi prince who will turn out to be much more than his outward haughtiness and temper tantrums (which are in fact quite amusing :p). All in all this is more or less an adaption of Alexander the Great, mixed with some interesting magic and like I said in a post before; this time he’s not gay (though he and Seyonne might have made a funny pair :p ) but possessed by a demon. I really need to read David Gemmell’s Lion of Macedon and Dark Prince soon to compare the two.

As for Carol Berg’s books, they’re a good, entertaining read, even though her characters undergo occassional Mary Sue moments, but then again I enjoyed Seyonne and ‘Zander’s story even though Seyonne’s people are horrendously illogical and religious fanatics to boot – which again was rather amusing.

The writing and plot certainly has its flaws, especially in regards to some things merely being hinted when Berg could have followed through with the story in a little more direct way. That and the fact that sometimes solutions seem to fall from the sky itself are the books’ greatest flaws.

I guess I’m sort of spoiled by Abercrombie, Monette and their likes, but I personally prefer a little bit of a bolder writing style. That said, I still enjoyed the story, but book three was definitely the best of the trilogy. Given that Transformation was her debut novel, I daresay Carol Berg has found her pace and style in the third installment of the Rai Kirah trilogy that surpasses the previous two not only as far as the plot and characters are concerned, but she also manages to bring the trilogy to an altogether satisfying ending. I’d have done some things differently, but then again, hey it’s not  my book, is it? 🙂

I might check out her duology (Flesh and Spirit, Breath and Bone) at some time, but for now I’m working on plowing further through my TBR pile. Yay for progress 😀


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