Moving woes

Okay, so besides reading, finishing a huge 30×40″ painting of Stephen’s and mine WoW characters and wallowing in procrastination as far as rewriting Shadows is concerned – what did I do this weekend? Well given that in all likelihood we’ll be moving around August 8th and 9th, I’ve been contemplating packing. Sadly enough, after filling four boxes with books, I had to realize that a) I don’t have enough boxes and b) I apparently do have to concede that I do have too many books (though I’m still on denial here). Four boxes don’t even hold one fourth of my little library so I’ll have to go and beg my sister in law for more of her Avon boxes get some more boxes. Might even end up buying some, because my in laws’ moving boxes got peed on by  Angel one of their more vicious kitties.

Did I mention that it was probably the same mean-hearted cat that saw it fit to pee on my brush set whereupon I had to throw away most of them along with my palette? No, Nym’s not very happy about that and I’ll probably make another trip to Hobby Lobby tonight to get me some new brushes, because even though the huge painting is finished mostly to my satisfaction, I already have a handful of other ideas whirling about in my head.

Did I mention how long oil needs to dry and that I’m really glad that most of my thirteen -yes, it’s that many by now- paintings are already dry? Moving those, but the 30×40″ one in particular (since it’s anything BUT dry) will be a bitch.

It would have been the reasonable way to wait to paint it until after we moved, but noooo since when am I among the reasonable people? No, I had to get this out of my head and on the canvas, because I already picked the perfect place for it to go in the new apartment. How sad is that?

And yes I’m OCD, so what?


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