Textbook shopping…

Wow I just spent almost 270 bucks on textbooks for me and Stephen…*gasp!* Well at least that will cover both of us, even though I don’t know what I’ll need for my biological anthropology class. That’s with all books being used by the way (yay for used books!). But man…uni-life is expensive :S

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2 Responses to “Textbook shopping…”

  1. Lisa Damian Says:

    I remember how much that hurt. I used to spend hundreds of dollars each quarter on books, even buying them used. The worst was a grad school workbook costing almost $200, and then the prof only assigned about 20 pages to read from it. I couldn’t even sell it back to the Uni bookstore after the class was over because it wasn’t on the reading list for the following term.

  2. nymeria87 Says:

    Wow $200 is really steep… :S

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