Paul Kearney – This Forsaken Earth

Okay, just a couple things here as a sort-of quick review:

The plot carries on right where The Mark of Ran left off. Kearney definitely keeps up his breakneck-pacing and you read this book within a day. Yes, 317 pages and a fast-moving plot do that. If I regret one thing now, it is that it’s over and that I don’t know when book three will be published. Let’s hope Paul Kearney gets his attorneys moving on getting the publishing rights out of Bantam’s grip fast 😉

There are definitely some intriguing things happening in this second installment of The Sea Beggars. More of Rol’s past is revealed, some new characters are introduced and old ones return – yes, we see Rowen again too, though that one will turn out rather interesting and I honestly wouldn’t have expected what Kearney did there. Not giving anything away of course.

To put it in a nutshell, This Forsaken Earth definitely makes you want to read more. Let’s hope things get moving again for this fast-paced and intriguing series 🙂


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    thanks for this

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