Cover Art

So humor me for a minute. My bookguy (trans: independent bookseller with whom I love to have SFF-related discussions) had me borrow a book from him to ‘take a look at it’. It’s the 1970-edition of Katherine Kurtz’ Deryni Rising featuring this kind of cover art.

Uh…yeah…Do I need to say more? Let’s just say I skimmed through it just for the heck of it and yes, the book definitely lives up to his hideous cover art… For anyone who thought the Wheel of Time covers were bad or is ranting about the cover art for the upcoming Scott Lynch book – may this cover be burned into your retinas πŸ˜‰ Back in 1970 (or nowadays if you purchase Russian translations like Steven Erikson’s Deadhouse Gates) things were much worse.

It still doesn’t remedy the fact that most fantasy covers are horrendously cliched and don’t reflect the book at all (though I have to admit that I did like the equally cliched coverart for Shadows Return, but that’s just because Seregil is real eye-candy and because Michael Kormack generally does an awesome job) Let’s hear it for awesome fantasy artists and covers that we don’t need to hide in public.

Maybe I should make an effort at getting into photoshop and work on creating my own coverart? Hm.

5 Responses to “Cover Art”

  1. dfrucci Says:

    Yeah that’d be good. A totally original and self created cover art would stand out a bit. Unless you hired someone to do it for you, good luck with it.

  2. Colleen Lindsay Says:

    Actually, that would be a huge waste of your time. A publisher isn’t going to use your cover art unless you are already a renowned artist with a history of selling art to that publisher for use on a cover (for example, John Picacio). More often than not, submitting cover art with your manuscripts makes you come off as amateurish.

    Save your energy for writing.

  3. nymeria87 Says:

    Thank you for stopping by Colleen and honestly, I figured as much from reading agent blogs and such. That was more or less a tongue-in-cheek remark on my side. Character and cover art is a hobby at best and I leave it to the good guys to take care of that (love Michael Kormack’s stuff etc.)

    Thanks for the agent perspective here though πŸ™‚

  4. elizaw Says:

    Yep. That’s why I commissioned my own cover art myself. Though I’ll have to fight to get the publishers to agree to use it. Bleh.

  5. nymeria87 Says:


    The better way is probably doing that after they’ve bought your book, but hey you never know – good luck in any case πŸ™‚

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