Take my novel by its ankles and shake the change out of its pockets…

Seriously, I love it when someone poses a very valid question regarding the logic of something in my writing and I notice plotholes that need to be stuffed. Happens all the time, especially in the editing phase and of course it isn’t always a pleasant thing to do. But today one of those questions inspired an avalanche of thoughts and inspiration that don’t only stuff plotholes and add some more detail to the first book as a whole, but also gave me an idea for an awesome opening for book two, Clairvoyance.

So far I’m still planning to launch book two during this year’s Nanowrimo and will work on getting all those random and not-so-random ideas all structured and orderly to be able to be able to do so.

Oh and yay for supercomputerized flammable voodoo dolls! 😀


Don’t ask :p


5 Responses to “Take my novel by its ankles and shake the change out of its pockets…”

  1. Marcella Says:

    You go girl! I love it when fellow authors make headway!
    – m

  2. K. Jayne Cockrill Says:

    Gotta love the avalanches of thought that, over time, start adding up so that you could have a dozen books in the queue to write. There’s no writer’s block for me on what story I want to write next, just on individual sequences within a work (which really tells me that I’m missing something, sometimes it’s a plothole). Ah, the writer’s life…


  3. nymeria87 Says:

    It’s awesome when that happens and I’m currently on a roll. Now to get all that into good prose and readable form and we’re all good 😉

    Thanks for stopping by – it’s always great to meet fellow authors in the blogosphere 😀


  4. dfrucci Says:

    Nice, can’t wait for its release, this story seems really, really awesome.

  5. nymeria87 Says:

    Thanks! I hope to get it publishable at some point 😉

    By the way…uh…did I mention how much I LOVE flattery? 😀

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