Okay, everyone who’s read Light, especially the edited version knows that I love to use profanity and its wonderful f-compounds in wild abandon where it’s in character.

At places it’s appropriate, as it’s pretty much present in every-day speech patterns. Now. Can I just say I’m really NOT a fan of the commonly popular American way of making up replacement words for profanity? I think we’ve had this discussion before.

Now again, excuse me please when I want to yell at and shake a certain author. I mean come on. You really can use the f-word without going straight to hell, but even if you don’t want to, just use ‘screwed’ etc. Don’t make up entirely random replacements.


By the way did you notice how I totally abstained from wielding the f-word et alia?

See, even I can do it.

If I have to.

Just a little irritated aside.

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