Writing Conferences anyone?

I finally decided to try out the whole writing conference thing in September. Not going to the big (and way expensive) ones yet, but I’ll be at the annual LUW Roundup on September 12th and 13th right here in Ogden and a week later at a local Fantasy & Science Fiction convention in Layton called Mountain Con on September 19th to 21st. The Con does have some interesting writing workshops (did I mention that Brandon Sanderson is going to do a bunch of them and I hope to meet him and some others there 😉 ).

I’m excited about those two, so September will be writing con month and I hope to learn the one or other helpful thing and hopefully meet some more writers too. My best friend from around here is a fantasy writer too, but it would be cool to meet some more SFF interested people and maybe form a critique group or something like that. I definitely loved our Ogden NaNoWriMo get-togethers from last year and maybe writing cons or even university will offer some opportunities to get together with some more people.

Anyone else going to attend any writing conferences, maybe even one in or close by Utah? Have you been to a writing con yet and what experiences did you make? Any recommendations?


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