…henceforth the state of Texas shall be erased from the face of the earth!

Is it so hard to send a book that I desperately need for school to the right address? Nonetheless an address definitely not located in fucking Texas and very, very damn specified on my order details? Apologies to everyone living there, your funky accents totally crack me up but right now I don’t like Texas too much. Especially since this isn’t the first time that stuff I ordered is being send to the ass-end-of-nowhere.

Now USPS, please understand that I need that damn book by the 25th. Which is next Monday. Which is when school starts. And no, I won’t spend another 50 fucking bucks on a textbook.

Speaking of which: did I mention how excited I am to get thrown back into the mechanisms of angsty intellectuality that is the wonderful world of university? Yes, my nerd brain rejoices at the prospect of taking all those Creative Writing, Linguistics and Renaissance Lit classes. In regards to the latter one, did I mention how awesome Elizabeth Bear’s Stratford Man duology is and how much I love it when people write about my favorite theories? 😀

Yes, the idea of man on man action between Marlowe and Shakespeare makes me all kinds of happy.

Go figure 😉

EDIT: And here comes an email saying they just got the book back and will resend it, so it should be at my house by Saturday. See? The efficiency of a decent threat!


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