Welcome to Educational Capitalism!

In other news: against my Intrinsic Pessimism, mine and the hubby’s student loans and grants both came in on Friday. Ergo: tuition is paid and the refund check is on its way to yours truly’s trusty mailbox.

And yes, all that money wants to be paid back in a couple of years, but by THEN I’ll so totally have landed a book sale and won’t have to worry about such mundane things as student loans anymore 😉

This is where the Personified Intrinsic Pessimism (TM) takes over and yells: BUT YOU’RE STILL STUCK WITH THAT STUPID FLASHBACK SCENE IN THAT FUCKING FOURTH CHAPTER – GET TO WORK!

Yes, Intrinsic Pessimism and my CAPS LOCK are fuckbuddies and they like to show off…Oh dear…

In other words: off to do some writing.

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