Uh yes, we’re getting renter’s insurance now.

After a day of airing out the apartment and cleaning/washing whatever we could our place now smells like a hooka bar (watermelon-candle plus a good dosage of smoke), but everything is okay so far. We had some electrical problems upstairs and in the end it was probably old wiring and old outlets that caused the fire. Our landlady might end up having to redo all the wiring in the house which would be pricey, but in comparison to what just almost happened last night, it’ll be worth it.

I just saw her sister’s room and took some crappy pictures on my cellphone. Before, it was painted bright green and purple and covered in all kinds of posters, now it looks like this:

There wasn’t anything in there that they could have salvaged. They’ll get a restoration company in there as soon as possible to redo the entire room. Right now they still aren’t allowed to live up there and spent the night at family’s and now will live in a hotel close by for the next couple of days. Fortunately their insurance is paying for everything, clothes etc. but in the end there’s just a lot of stuff that’s simply gone and irreplaceable.

Stephen and me are getting renter’s insurance now in case anything like that ever happens again. I mean even without all our computer and entertainment equipment set aside, there’s thousands of dollars in furniture, books and clothes here that could have been gone all too easily. Pretty scary to think about what might have happened, so I’m glad we’ll be at least somewhat prepared if something like that ever happens again. Oh and the fire department made sure that the smoke detectors are working right too. Small favors I guess.

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