It’s not that I haven’t been expecting this…

…but of course university totally managed to throw me off track this week – apologies for the lack of posts and overall activity in the blogosphere. But hey, it’s Friday and luckily enough uni has free wireless internet everywhere so I get to post a little update on the ensuing chaos named uni.

Honestly it’s not even half bad. Yeah, there’s the slight problem of 18 credit hours paired with a 33 hour work week and the logistic problems that have arisen thereof (really, buses are horribly unpunctual here…) Anyway, between bus- and car-hopping I manage to get from uni to work back to uni every day 🙂

As far as classes are, most of them are still pretty much on high school level. Sure there’s more reading and more assignments in some, but that’s pretty much it. The German classes are almost ridiculously easy (not that my profs hadn’t told me that before), but that’s okay. It’s actually fun to be in a smaller group (which consists mostly of surprisingly nice missionaries who speak German surprisingly well). I really hadn’t expected that, honestly. Anyway, being the only native speaker in class besides the profs does have its advantages, especially since I pretty much slack off (at least for now).

However, there’s at least one class that will definitely be a challenge this term and that’s my English 4620: Renaissance Literature class in which the professor started out asking who in here is a graduate student and I’m just thinking: Shit, am I – lowly transfer student/freshman at the right place? Well, turns out yes I was and even though there are no official prerequisites for this class, the reading and writing level is pretty high (as expected by the course number). So far I’m not running into problems to keep up, other than getting through a tremendous amount of reading assignments. Over the last two days I read Thomas More’s Utopia, which really reminded me a lot of doing Cicero’s De Re Publica back in Latin. Actually that was pretty cool, even though it took some work to get through it. Generally I think I’m having less problems with prose than with poetry (can’t wait to do some more Marlowe though – yes, I’m a lit geek :p)

Another interesting one is my Creative Writing class that looks really cool, but will also be full of writing assignments, which aren’t that much of a problem themselves. The thing that I’m dreading here are the poetry assignments we’ll have. Honestly, verse is the enemy and I consider myself entirely inept at stringing a poem together. This one’s always been more of a thing my brother would do. We’ll see how it goes I guess.

As far as my plan of working on Light at least a little every day goes: this week was an epic failure. With all the initial stress of getting stuff lined up and juggle work and uni, I just was way too beat when I got home to be able to work in any way productively. Hopefully that streak has found an end yesterday when I started working on Five again. What I did here was mostly editing the first part that I’d written to make some adjustments, but I’m hopeful to get things moving again today.

Here’s to uni, writing and an immense increase of caffeine intake 😉

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