Cat, I’m a Kitty Cat…

Everyone, welcome the newest addition to our little pride of cats: Loki 😀

Loki is a ‘Findelkind’ that Jen’s roommate found meowing outside of their dorm, but unfortunately their apartment manager was less than happy to find our adorable little feline residing in their ‘pet-free’ student domicile so the poor kitty had to leave. Since there was nobody else around (and honestly, because he’s just too damn cute!) who could take him, Loki (who used to go by the trivial name ‘Toby’ and was thus re-christened) now found a new home in our little basement apartment.

Even though Nazca and Rini currently aren’t too happy about ‘that guy’ moving in, I’m sure they’ll get over it in a few days and will adopt the little one as their new playmate (I think Nazca will be happy to have someone who loves to play at least as much as she does, she just doesn’t know it yet 😉 ).

Right now, our apartment resembles a little war zone, with Rini and Nazca barricading themselves in the bedroom, while little Loki has found refuge under the couch in the living room, though he also likes to explore, almost as much as he likes to play and can be coaxed out of his hiding spot by jingly mice or by the random urge to follow me wherever I go. Needless to say that I’ve already fallen in love with the adorable, little charmer 🙂

Right now he’s munching cat food and eying Nazca from a safe distance. Boy knows what’s good for him, but she’ll warm up 😉 The more, the merrier (and yes, he’s ‘my’ cat, not the hubby’s :p )


An Open Letter to….well Me.

Dear Me,

Honestly, I don’t think I’m the only one who’s been wondering what in the Seven Hells has been wrong with you lately. No writing. No blogging. No mental consistency whatsoever (really, I’m not exaggerating here and you dam well know it).

Yes, the throes of university and work life have been keeping you busy and yes, it’s really sort of ‘suboptimal’ to try and concentrate on anything if your relationship/marriage starts to accelerate into a head-on train wreck and you come to the conclusion that yes, you did fuck up there pretty badly and yes, it’s time to make some changes.

But seriously. Get your shit together, will you?

Yes, I’m getting tired of all the whining and ranting that ultimately leads to nothing and serves as an excellent way of distraction and yes, procrastination, just because it’s too hard to work on not losing your shit whenever anything happens. I understand that you want and need a break from all this really badly, but what about all the other things you wanted to get done this year like….finishing that second draft of that novel that’s been in your head long enough? Now that you have decided to cheat the heck out of Nanowrimo this year and use it to get a good chunk of work on this-still nameless-book of this-equally nameless apart from a working-title-trilogy done, get on it already.

So quit all that whining and  slacking off and get on your respective ass to get things moving again. Call it distraction, call it escapism or jut call it finally-getting-your-shit-together. But man, I’m really tired of this. Just write already, damn you.



Don’t anger the author! Or: random laptop whacking…

Really, I’m usually quite an easy-going, reasonable person with a rather positive outlook on life. So what if lately life just decides to show me it’s ugly, hairy backside again? Yeah. Not happy. At all. And of course the writing suffers horribly from lack of authorly focus or any kind of consistency let alone quality….

Anyway, it really shouldn’t get bad enough for me to release random irrational and yet very expressive anger on my poor helpless laptop. And yet it did and now I’m all sad and regretful, looking at a cracked, hinge/screen, a result of….yeah….sort of….kind of…throwing the laptop… :S

Yeah, I know I really, really shouldn’t do that, but you know when you’re mad enough to just have to throw something? Anything? And if you’re particularly angered and irrational and the closest ‘anything’ happens to be your most-revered laptop innocently dwelling on your lap….well….

Luckily, Dell is awesome enough to cover this with their complete care accidental damage thingy and I’ll get it all fixed for free. The only downside is that I’ll have to send it in (waiting on the box now) So I’ll be sad and laptop-less (well, dealing with the mediocrity of Stephen’s old laptop) for a while now. Really, really sucky.

But hey in the end it’s my own fault, right? *sigh*

Really need to work on those temper tantrums.

Let’s say you have three different characters and they all walk through the same street…

…what would they notice and why?

I went to Mountain Con yesterday and attended an interesting workshop hosted by Brandon Sanderson that dealt with all matters concerning plot. Talking about the difficulties of distinguishing between different character voices, we talked about an interesting idea concerning character and setting.

Let’s say you have three different characters and they all walk through the same street/city – What would they notice about their surroundings and why?

If I take Ares, Damian, Raeyn and Nymeron for example, all four of them would see entirely different things when walking through the City’s Core. Nymeron would see it as the center of his rule, his legacy if you want to call it that and generally as the center of civilization itself. While his son Raeyn would see it as a scam, as a world he’s being pushed into as the heir to the Emperor’s throne and generally everything he’s trying to escape from. Damian would view it as some sort of work environment. He’d know a lot of residences of the city’s nobility and he’d notice the places he’d usually use to commit an assassination without being noticed. He’d know which ways to use to slip in and out of the Core without ever being seen, etc. Ares would see the Core a lot like Damian does and yet it also is part of his childhood as his memories about the Core are entirely different from Damian’s or anyone else belonging to the Shadows. Like Damian, he’d know the patrol routes of the Watch and know when to keep away, etc.

Now this doesn’t include things they’d actually see. Every character would have different associations with buildings like the Palace or the Finger of Light or districts like Nightshade or Up Side. They all would describe the buildings, streets and people they see in other ways relating to their background and personal association with it and that’s what makes this exercise this interesting. It’s definitely worth a try, especially if you are writing a novel from different PoV’s, but also if you struggle giving your supporting characters their own personality.

Right now I’m working on an assignment for my writing class; describing a specific setting. I personally always find mere descriptions rather dull and uninspiring so my attempt here is to describe the City of Helos from Raeyn’s perspective (since I’m planning to write a short story about him for the final project of this class). I might end up doing the same thing for more than one character though just to see what comes out of it and to improve my own setting description skills, because honestly it’s not one of my strengths and this sounds like a cool way to work on them a little. I’ll see about posting the results on here to get a little more content up and running again *cracks whip* I really need to get my writing back into gear.

You know you’re in Utah when…

….you’re at a Writing Conference and there’s no coffee…

What the fuck? Honestly, don’t they know that writing RUNS of caffeine? Honestly, Utahns… *shakes head*

That’s me wistfully thinking of my empty Nanowrimo mug…should have planned on that particular eventuality.

Someone come and bring me some coffee. Now. Or teach Utahns something about European standards 😉

Okay, someone switch off ‘life’ right now and let me get some progress done…

Yes, I seriously hate it. Now I’m having the next couple of chapters all lined out, having some weekend time that I don’t spend at the writers’ conference or with uni work and what happens? Nothing. And everything.

Fact is that currently I’m having so many different things on my mind that writing just gets pushed into the background.This really annoys me since I really made good progress with the second draft so far, but right now uni and private life gloriously fucking up just kind of put a stop to the creative flow. Of course, it would be awesome to use my writing to get my mind off things, but unfortunately that sometimes just doesn’t work (or maybe i’m just in an ultimately whiney mood and just can’t get myself off this personal trip to get some stuff done?)

Yes, I guess this is some sort of priority talk and I have to admit that I’ve really been neglecting my goal of getting at least some work on the novel done every day. I guess sometimes forcing yourself to sit down and get some work done just doesn’t happen (and I really hope that this particular phase of absolute non-creativity and stress will end soon).

I’m at the LUW writing conference right now, just trying to get my head on straight about things again and hope it’ll result in some inspiration and motivation. Like books on writing, classes here are informative and helpful, but the important part is the talking. Talking about books, characters, your own ideas and finding  other writers who maybe write in the same genre or generally have some cool ideas.

I’ll post an update on it later on, so yay for at least some blog content and my apologies for all the frustrated ranting.


Apologies for the lack of posts lately. Life’s been a little on the rough and stressful side lately so I just didn’t have the time and energy to focus much on blogging – I’ll work on improving that, promise!

So what’s been happening?

Well, besides the mundane trivia of overly stressful private life, I haven’t been doing a whole lot of writing lately, but at least I’ve got the next few chapters outlined very well as it’s still a total rewrite. So at least there’s mental progress mad in the time that uni and work leave me 😉

Anyway, this weekend I’ll be at the LUW writer’s conference here in Ogden, UT and I’ll let you know how that one’s going. Usually conferences like that are full of shiny inspiration and motivation 😀