Okay, someone switch off ‘life’ right now and let me get some progress done…

Yes, I seriously hate it. Now I’m having the next couple of chapters all lined out, having some weekend time that I don’t spend at the writers’ conference or with uni work and what happens? Nothing. And everything.

Fact is that currently I’m having so many different things on my mind that writing just gets pushed into the background.This really annoys me since I really made good progress with the second draft so far, but right now uni and private life gloriously fucking up just kind of put a stop to the creative flow. Of course, it would be awesome to use my writing to get my mind off things, but unfortunately that sometimes just doesn’t work (or maybe i’m just in an ultimately whiney mood and just can’t get myself off this personal trip to get some stuff done?)

Yes, I guess this is some sort of priority talk and I have to admit that I’ve really been neglecting my goal of getting at least some work on the novel done every day. I guess sometimes forcing yourself to sit down and get some work done just doesn’t happen (and I really hope that this particular phase of absolute non-creativity and stress will end soon).

I’m at the LUW writing conference right now, just trying to get my head on straight about things again and hope it’ll result in some inspiration and motivation. Like books on writing, classes here are informative and helpful, but the important part is the talking. Talking about books, characters, your own ideas and finding  other writers who maybe write in the same genre or generally have some cool ideas.

I’ll post an update on it later on, so yay for at least some blog content and my apologies for all the frustrated ranting.

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