Don’t anger the author! Or: random laptop whacking…

Really, I’m usually quite an easy-going, reasonable person with a rather positive outlook on life. So what if lately life just decides to show me it’s ugly, hairy backside again? Yeah. Not happy. At all. And of course the writing suffers horribly from lack of authorly focus or any kind of consistency let alone quality….

Anyway, it really shouldn’t get bad enough for me to release random irrational and yet very expressive anger on my poor helpless laptop. And yet it did and now I’m all sad and regretful, looking at a cracked, hinge/screen, a result of….yeah….sort of….kind of…throwing the laptop… :S

Yeah, I know I really, really shouldn’t do that, but you know when you’re mad enough to just have to throw something? Anything? And if you’re particularly angered and irrational and the closest ‘anything’ happens to be your most-revered laptop innocently dwelling on your lap….well….

Luckily, Dell is awesome enough to cover this with their complete care accidental damage thingy and I’ll get it all fixed for free. The only downside is that I’ll have to send it in (waiting on the box now) So I’ll be sad and laptop-less (well, dealing with the mediocrity of Stephen’s old laptop) for a while now. Really, really sucky.

But hey in the end it’s my own fault, right? *sigh*

Really need to work on those temper tantrums.


2 Responses to “Don’t anger the author! Or: random laptop whacking…”

  1. secretgeek Says:

    yes it is and yes you do.

    Don’t hit me! 😉

  2. pillywiggin Says:

    Dang. I always hate those anger fits. And I’m probably more prone to them than you are. I have to very carefully remove myself from access to any and all electronics while I have my fit, or else bad things would happen.

    Which is sad.

    Hope your laptop gets back to you soon, all shiny and as good as new!

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