An Open Letter to….well Me.

Dear Me,

Honestly, I don’t think I’m the only one who’s been wondering what in the Seven Hells has been wrong with you lately. No writing. No blogging. No mental consistency whatsoever (really, I’m not exaggerating here and you dam well know it).

Yes, the throes of university and work life have been keeping you busy and yes, it’s really sort of ‘suboptimal’ to try and concentrate on anything if your relationship/marriage starts to accelerate into a head-on train wreck and you come to the conclusion that yes, you did fuck up there pretty badly and yes, it’s time to make some changes.

But seriously. Get your shit together, will you?

Yes, I’m getting tired of all the whining and ranting that ultimately leads to nothing and serves as an excellent way of distraction and yes, procrastination, just because it’s too hard to work on not losing your shit whenever anything happens. I understand that you want and need a break from all this really badly, but what about all the other things you wanted to get done this year like….finishing that second draft of that novel that’s been in your head long enough? Now that you have decided to cheat the heck out of Nanowrimo this year and use it to get a good chunk of work on this-still nameless-book of this-equally nameless apart from a working-title-trilogy done, get on it already.

So quit all that whining and  slacking off and get on your respective ass to get things moving again. Call it distraction, call it escapism or jut call it finally-getting-your-shit-together. But man, I’m really tired of this. Just write already, damn you.



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