Cat, I’m a Kitty Cat…

Everyone, welcome the newest addition to our little pride of cats: Loki 😀

Loki is a ‘Findelkind’ that Jen’s roommate found meowing outside of their dorm, but unfortunately their apartment manager was less than happy to find our adorable little feline residing in their ‘pet-free’ student domicile so the poor kitty had to leave. Since there was nobody else around (and honestly, because he’s just too damn cute!) who could take him, Loki (who used to go by the trivial name ‘Toby’ and was thus re-christened) now found a new home in our little basement apartment.

Even though Nazca and Rini currently aren’t too happy about ‘that guy’ moving in, I’m sure they’ll get over it in a few days and will adopt the little one as their new playmate (I think Nazca will be happy to have someone who loves to play at least as much as she does, she just doesn’t know it yet 😉 ).

Right now, our apartment resembles a little war zone, with Rini and Nazca barricading themselves in the bedroom, while little Loki has found refuge under the couch in the living room, though he also likes to explore, almost as much as he likes to play and can be coaxed out of his hiding spot by jingly mice or by the random urge to follow me wherever I go. Needless to say that I’ve already fallen in love with the adorable, little charmer 🙂

Right now he’s munching cat food and eying Nazca from a safe distance. Boy knows what’s good for him, but she’ll warm up 😉 The more, the merrier (and yes, he’s ‘my’ cat, not the hubby’s :p )


2 Responses to “Cat, I’m a Kitty Cat…”

  1. sirayn Says:

    Enormously off topic, but I’ll be thinking of you as I sign up for my German unit today. 😀

  2. pillywiggin Says:

    Loki shall be missed. I already almost miss him coming into my room and annoying the shit out of me while I’m in the midst of working.

    But I know he’s in a good home. ^_^

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