More Gratuitous Kitty Posting

So even though he’s a little bigger than Nazca in size, I don’t really think Loki is any older than six, maybe eight months. He’s definitely still a ‘baby’ kitty and absolutely cute and adorable now that he seems to truly found a home here (pst, Nazca’s warming up to him and his cute playfulness too, she’s just not admitting it…yet 😉 )

Loki invading Nazca’s territory – the bed. Uh-oh kitty.

What’s this? Yes, the kitty loves to play around in and around my books – talk about distraction from work 😉

Purrrrrr! Somebody definitely enjoys being loved on…even though he just threw that damn bamboo off the bookshelf for the second time tonight…what is that about long bamboo stick thingies in vases making it such a reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally interesting kitty toy?

Welcome hurricane Loki. Yup, the name fits…


One Response to “More Gratuitous Kitty Posting”

  1. pillywiggin Says:

    I’m glad you’re loving him so much. I warned you about him being a pain when you’re trying to work, though.

    He’s so adorable!

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