Point of view: quickwrite – Earthquake experienced by a homeless person

Ever wondered about what it feels like to sit next to a building that’s about to topple over right over your own damn head? No? Seriously I didn’t either. Not until it happened that one day, right in the middle of the city. Okay, I kinda lost track where exactly I was or how much I’d drunk that day. Might be that I was just a little too tipsy to get what was going on until I was like right in the middle of it, ya know? I mean, don’t get earthquakes every day around here, right? Ain’t like we’re in California or somewhere like that where people are used to that kind of thing.

Anyway, so there I sit, kinda buzzed and feeling shitty, though maybe not so shitty as I normally do and – wham! The wall that I’m leaning against starts sorta vibrating and everything kinda feels like you’d just thrown people and rocks and glass into some kind of weird jumble and there’s people screaming and running and like…ya know, just freaking out. Actually, it was kinda hilarious if you asked me. Never seen that city this busy before. Like rush hour on crack. Something like that. Only problem’s that building. Freaking forty-five floor skyscraper and it starts shaking like real hard and getting cracks all over the place and there’s rocks and shards of glass and all that crap all over the place already.

So you tell me what the fuck you’re doing in this kinda situation when it’s just grab the change in your hat in one hand and the booze in the other and run for what it’s worth. Which really ain’t all that much in that kinda chaos if you ask me. But hey, nobody does anyway, so why even care?

And that damn dog’s gone too. Well shit.


2 Responses to “Point of view: quickwrite – Earthquake experienced by a homeless person”

  1. pillywiggin Says:

    I love it. That’s just hilarious. And really well written.

  2. nymeria87 Says:

    Yay I’m glad you liked it! This really made me want to start working on Light again….poor neglected second draft

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