Nanowrimo anyone?

Yes I know, I’ve been really big on the slacker side for the last…oh…almost three months. Shame on me, really. But nonetheless, with some of the private baggage out of the way I’m getting my head clear and the urge to write returns! Yay!

I’m seriously feeling horrible about how much I’ve neglected writing lately and so it’s time for one of those kickstarts to get things moving again. I know lots of people who did NaNoWriMo last year (I won! I won! – even though with the beginning of a rather shitty draft :p ) I personally had lots of fun last year and the year before, even though the results weren’t always as great as I thought they’d be, but hey, that’s Nanowrimo speed writing for you. Right now my objective is just to get things moving again, because I really want to get a good chunk of work on this second draft done before the year is over. So even if it’s kinda cheating, if you’re really strict and say that you have to start a ‘new’ idea in Nanowrimo, I want to use it to get back into the swing of things.

And the best way to do this and keep motivated is having some cool people around to do it with, so who else is consigning themselves to a month of utter lack of sleep, caffeine-overdoses and writing frenzy? Let me know and share the misery eh fun 🙂

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