Synopsis – the big, the bad and the campy

Seriously, this is horrible, but apparently my creative writing prof demands an utterly campy synopsis to let people have an idea what my novel is about. Seriously, it makes me cringe and laugh. And yes, I expect to spend weeks if not months writing one that’s actually fit for a query – oh joy 😉

That said, I rarely do read synopses that are actually good and free of creepy campiness, but still…Well here it is. Mock me all you want, at least I’m able to still laugh about myself :p

‘Sides, I’m a sucker for good grades and if teh cliche is giving me an A….;)


Magic is not a good thing. In the Empire of Light, the epitome of human civilization and unity all is well. That is, unless you happen to be one of those unfortunate enough to have any trace of magical abilities, as the Empire will hunt down anyone befallen by what they call “the Curse”. However, those who are caught and “Cleansed” of the Curse become merely hollow shells of their former selves.

Not that the business of the Empire is of any particular interest to Ares Maevere, Damian Cain and the rest of the Shadows, a gang of what the Empire would consider “dangerous outlaws”. Together, they do their best to evade the vigilant eyes of the Watch and make a life of honest thieving in the Lower City. But Ares has his own reasons that might give him some first-hand experience as far as Cleansing goes.

This short story is the prologue of my novel “Light” and it tells the story how Ares’ father Ged turned traitor on the Empire by seeing things he wasn’t supposed to see twenty years previous.


I am indeed still alive.

And could probably write a whole story about The Life Of Me right now. Seriously, we have everything from divorce, to stressed and starving student who’s doing the multiple job thing to make ends meet to ex-husbands who just don’t get it and creep the bejesuses (is there a plural to this?) out of me by suddenly standing in (yes, IN) my living room at night. Seriously, let’s not even go there. I’m tired enough of it all as it is.

Sadly enough abovementioned things have kept me pretty busy and have led to a severe lack of writing in favor of stress and lethargy. This weekend is the first time since the beginning of this month that I’ve actually sat down and fiddled with Light for a while. I haven’t gotten a whole lot done, but I’m mentally getting back into the swing of things. Which sometimes really is the most important thing about that whole First Novel Experience Thing.

So of course I horribly failed NaNoWriMo 2008 at somewhat under 5,000 words, but hey, at least I did write almost 5k this month and that’s gotta count for something, right? Anyway, it’s time for yours truly to get her respective head out of her respective ass and get her shit back together writing-wise.

Yes, I can. Multi-tasking: the reading edition.

Don’t you have that sometimes, when you can’t just read one book at a time, but read two or more parallel to each other?

Currently on my nightstand/coffeetable/office desk/school bag and wherever else I can fit a book in:

Jim Bucher – Proven Guilty: The Dresden Files rock! Seriously, people, if you are looking for an entertaining read and you haven’t checked those books out it really is time that you do so! Really fast-paced entertaining reads. I’m at book 8 now 🙂

Jamie O’Neill – At swim, two boys: I’ve been meaning to read this one forever and finally started it. An engrossing tale about homosexuality set in Ireland just before the Easter Uprising in 1916. I’m only a little more than 100 pages in and love it already.

John Steinbeck – Of Mice and Men: What can I say? It’s just one of those classics that I love to re-read from time to time. It shares the “my most loved-classics spot” with books like 1984, The Picture of Dorian Grey, Homo Faber and Kafka’s tales. I lost count how often I read this one.

Proposition 8 :(

When I was checking on the votes on prop 8 last night and this morning I couldn’t help feeling saddened and angry at the fact that once Americans had made such a big step towards change, only to take another one backwards and infringe upon the civil rights of homosexuals all over the country.

Personally I just can’t help but be frustrated, even though I’ve been really excited and happy about the election results. I’m not American and as a lowly German immigrant I’m not even allowed to vote. Still I’ve probably been at least as excited about the election as most of my American friends.

Now, the giant drawback is living in Utah and being around a lot of people who have attitudes that makes my hair stand on end. Frankly this morning I almost snapped when I have to listen to people tell me how California, Florida and Arizona  have done ‘the right thing’, because same sex marriages infringes upon the first amendment….Uh…WTF?!

I don’t think I have to add anything to that to illustrate the extend of stupidity, let alone ignorance and hate that still exists among so many people.

Then again I have to listen to people tell me to “take [my] bi bitch ass back to germany where [I] belong and dont trouble us “conceited american” again as [they] really are the best country in the world and [they] don’t need [my] kind.”

I know I’ve ranted about this before, but seriously, what the fuck is wrong with some people here?!

I’m SO happy to share the same country with this person!
But hey, I don’t ‘share’ I’m merely ‘tolerated’ until I take my bi bitch ass back to Germany where I belong.

I weep for you Americans.

At least I can claim foreign status…

Oh did I mention that at least half of the people I meet at school everyday think that I’m way too liberal to live in Utah and really should consider moving? Those are the same people who just told me this morning that hey! wouldn’t it be a solution if all homosexual people just like…moved and made their own state of sexual depravity? Great!

…No I am not kidding…statements like this really make me want to punch those people making them.

Yes, I still love it here though, because most of the people are awesome and the others…well we’ll see where that one goes.


Finally America has made the right decision again. This is indeed a historical day. Now let’s see how things will turn out. This is definitely a great day and even as someone who couldn’t actively participate in this by voting myself, this is the kind of thing that makes me hopeful.

Now I’m just curious on how California voted on Prop.8. Yay for change! Go Obama!

In which the author is moving with tiny, but steady steps

612 words today. Just too damn tired to put very much effort and concentration into writing. Which means I’m about 700 words behind right now, but hey, that’s nothing I can’t catch up with by the weekend. Watch me. I’ll do it.

Today’s favorite words is gloating.

And we loves dialogue. Yes we does 😀


Dear Americans, please do me and all the other unfortunate immigrants who aren’t allowed to vote a favor and go and cast your ballot tomorrow, will ya?

I don’t think I need to tell you who to vote for, do I?


Okay, I feel better now. Still mad that I can’t vote, but hey. Do the job for me, okay? 🙂