Finally America has made the right decision again. This is indeed a historical day. Now let’s see how things will turn out. This is definitely a great day and even as someone who couldn’t actively participate in this by voting myself, this is the kind of thing that makes me hopeful.

Now I’m just curious on how California voted on Prop.8. Yay for change! Go Obama!


2 Responses to “OBAMA IS PRESIDENT!!!!”

  1. Joe Says:

    So far it looks like Prop 8 will pass 52% to 48% so I don’t know how you feel for that one, but I am please with this election season so far, Obama wins, Prop 8 wins.

  2. nymeria87 Says:

    Uh, just so we’re on the same page: Prop. 8 is against same-sex marriages, so it’d be a bad thing if it goes through and sadly enough it looks like it will 😦

    Still, I’m hoping for some change in the long run here with Obama 🙂

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