Proposition 8 :(

When I was checking on the votes on prop 8 last night and this morning I couldn’t help feeling saddened and angry at the fact that once Americans had made such a big step towards change, only to take another one backwards and infringe upon the civil rights of homosexuals all over the country.

Personally I just can’t help but be frustrated, even though I’ve been really excited and happy about the election results. I’m not American and as a lowly German immigrant I’m not even allowed to vote. Still I’ve probably been at least as excited about the election as most of my American friends.

Now, the giant drawback is living in Utah and being around a lot of people who have attitudes that makes my hair stand on end. Frankly this morning I almost snapped when I have to listen to people tell me how California, Florida and Arizona  have done ‘the right thing’, because same sex marriages infringes upon the first amendment….Uh…WTF?!

I don’t think I have to add anything to that to illustrate the extend of stupidity, let alone ignorance and hate that still exists among so many people.

Then again I have to listen to people tell me to “take [my] bi bitch ass back to germany where [I] belong and dont trouble us “conceited american” again as [they] really are the best country in the world and [they] don’t need [my] kind.”

I know I’ve ranted about this before, but seriously, what the fuck is wrong with some people here?!

I’m SO happy to share the same country with this person!
But hey, I don’t ‘share’ I’m merely ‘tolerated’ until I take my bi bitch ass back to Germany where I belong.

I weep for you Americans.

At least I can claim foreign status…

Oh did I mention that at least half of the people I meet at school everyday think that I’m way too liberal to live in Utah and really should consider moving? Those are the same people who just told me this morning that hey! wouldn’t it be a solution if all homosexual people just like…moved and made their own state of sexual depravity? Great!

…No I am not kidding…statements like this really make me want to punch those people making them.

Yes, I still love it here though, because most of the people are awesome and the others…well we’ll see where that one goes.

2 Responses to “Proposition 8 :(”

  1. Nils Says:

    Right, and if they do not move on their own, why don’t we just make them. We could set up little camps for them, even. What an idea! It would be a final solution for this terrible, terrible problem. Oh, hey, and while we are at it, let’s include the atheists in that as well.

    (That was sarcasm, just in case anybody doesn’t get it.)

    The really funny thing is, I am totally sure that a lot of the people who voted for prop 8 have no problem watching some girl-on-girl porn action. Yay for hypocrisy.

  2. sirayn Says:

    Am I the only one who would be totally behind a state of sexual depravity? Could we bisexuals come and visit? Ahem. Sorry.

    Seriously – this is a disappointment. I’m waiting for the day when it will be as abhorrent to discriminate against gay marriage as it is to discriminate against interracial marriage. Homophobia is as baseless, irrational and ultimately beneath us as human being as racism.

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