I am indeed still alive.

And could probably write a whole story about The Life Of Me right now. Seriously, we have everything from divorce, to stressed and starving student who’s doing the multiple job thing to make ends meet to ex-husbands who just don’t get it and creep the bejesuses (is there a plural to this?) out of me by suddenly standing in (yes, IN) my living room at night. Seriously, let’s not even go there. I’m tired enough of it all as it is.

Sadly enough abovementioned things have kept me pretty busy and have led to a severe lack of writing in favor of stress and lethargy. This weekend is the first time since the beginning of this month that I’ve actually sat down and fiddled with Light for a while. I haven’t gotten a whole lot done, but I’m mentally getting back into the swing of things. Which sometimes really is the most important thing about that whole First Novel Experience Thing.

So of course I horribly failed NaNoWriMo 2008 at somewhat under 5,000 words, but hey, at least I did write almost 5k this month and that’s gotta count for something, right? Anyway, it’s time for yours truly to get her respective head out of her respective ass and get her shit back together writing-wise.


One Response to “I am indeed still alive.”

  1. Nils Says:

    Well, at least you do have a good excuse. Sucky life is never fun, hope you get it all sorted out soon.

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