Synopsis – the big, the bad and the campy

Seriously, this is horrible, but apparently my creative writing prof demands an utterly campy synopsis to let people have an idea what my novel is about. Seriously, it makes me cringe and laugh. And yes, I expect to spend weeks if not months writing one that’s actually fit for a query – oh joy 😉

That said, I rarely do read synopses that are actually good and free of creepy campiness, but still…Well here it is. Mock me all you want, at least I’m able to still laugh about myself :p

‘Sides, I’m a sucker for good grades and if teh cliche is giving me an A….;)


Magic is not a good thing. In the Empire of Light, the epitome of human civilization and unity all is well. That is, unless you happen to be one of those unfortunate enough to have any trace of magical abilities, as the Empire will hunt down anyone befallen by what they call “the Curse”. However, those who are caught and “Cleansed” of the Curse become merely hollow shells of their former selves.

Not that the business of the Empire is of any particular interest to Ares Maevere, Damian Cain and the rest of the Shadows, a gang of what the Empire would consider “dangerous outlaws”. Together, they do their best to evade the vigilant eyes of the Watch and make a life of honest thieving in the Lower City. But Ares has his own reasons that might give him some first-hand experience as far as Cleansing goes.

This short story is the prologue of my novel “Light” and it tells the story how Ares’ father Ged turned traitor on the Empire by seeing things he wasn’t supposed to see twenty years previous.


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