Wow, it’s been a while since I last posted anything, let alone anything worthwhile on here. Truth is, my writing drive has been locked up in a little windowless hibernation cell for most of the year due to ongoing personal stress and frustration. However, my drive to write seems to finally have found an escape route and the prison break has been completed this month with the result of me being full of shiny new ideas for Light, which in turn resulted in a complete re-vamp of the original drafts and scraps.

Anyway, this means I’m back and up to par as far as writing goes. I’ve finished a very elaborate outline that actually has a real ENDING (meaning that what I at first conceived to be a trilogy and later two books, will now be completed within ONE BOOK!) I’m really excited about this and there will be lots of shiny new stuff that adds to the overall plot, logic and complexity of the story. Overall I cut quite a bit of clutter out of the original drafts and while doing a complete rewrite, there will still be old elements present, even though I’m going to twist most of them a little. Damian will have his own completely developed plotline and get it on with Raeyn (which already makes me chuckle). Raeyn in turn will get much more room and importance in the novel (something that his character has been pestering me with for much too long). Oh, and Ares will get SCARY! and switch sides! And do bad things! This will be fun.

Hope some people will join me in the fun as I always enjoy the healthy exchange of writerly goodness (and frustrations).



P.S.: There also are TONS of things that I need to edit and update as far as the site is concerned. I’ll get around to it. Be patient with me 🙂


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