Beta reads!

Just a quick note, since a few people have asked me if I was going to post my writing here and friendslock it for those who want to read it and give me some lovely feedback – as you have seen I’ve done just that. If you’re interesting in what I’m doing with this draft and want to help prevent me from completely butchering it by giving me some input about it, please contact me at sfloch87[at]gmail[dot]com and I’ll be more than happy to give you the password so you can take a peek at it.

Lots of love,




Wow, it’s been a while since I last posted anything, let alone anything worthwhile on here. Truth is, my writing drive has been locked up in a little windowless hibernation cell for most of the year due to ongoing personal stress and frustration. However, my drive to write seems to finally have found an escape route and the prison break has been completed this month with the result of me being full of shiny new ideas for Light, which in turn resulted in a complete re-vamp of the original drafts and scraps.

Anyway, this means I’m back and up to par as far as writing goes. I’ve finished a very elaborate outline that actually has a real ENDING (meaning that what I at first conceived to be a trilogy and later two books, will now be completed within ONE BOOK!) I’m really excited about this and there will be lots of shiny new stuff that adds to the overall plot, logic and complexity of the story. Overall I cut quite a bit of clutter out of the original drafts and while doing a complete rewrite, there will still be old elements present, even though I’m going to twist most of them a little. Damian will have his own completely developed plotline and get it on with Raeyn (which already makes me chuckle). Raeyn in turn will get much more room and importance in the novel (something that his character has been pestering me with for much too long). Oh, and Ares will get SCARY! and switch sides! And do bad things! This will be fun.

Hope some people will join me in the fun as I always enjoy the healthy exchange of writerly goodness (and frustrations).



P.S.: There also are TONS of things that I need to edit and update as far as the site is concerned. I’ll get around to it. Be patient with me ๐Ÿ™‚

This week in the Blogosphere…

Honestly? I don’t know about you, but I’ve been pretty lazy this week – blame the heat, the lack of sleep and lack of caffeine… Still, I’ve been able to find some interesting, brilliant and flat out hilarious posts – success ๐Ÿ˜€

As a writer of urban fantasy I always love to read other urban fantasy writers’ blogs. Can I just say that Jeff Somers makes me crack up? Read his TOP TEN REASONS MY DYSTOPIAN VISION OF THE FUTURE IS BETTER THAN YOUR DYSTOPIAN VISION OF THE FUTURE… here. It’s awesome, especially with emphasis on:

3. Profanity is not only accepted, it is pretty much the only way to make yourself understood.

4. Physical violence is not only not frowned upon, it is expected. And often enjoyed.

I daresay Damian would be happy to join in on that. Hang on, forget the would be 8)

Nathan Bransford wrote this awesome post on the fact that character and plot are indeed inseparable. I mean, you tell me how can you have an intriguing character without the plot that surrounds them? I’m thinking that most of us – myself included – who prefer the character-based approach in writing, rather unconsciously develop character and plot together without even noticing it. After all it goes hand in hand and plot is what makes a compelling character and the other way ’round.

Jessica Faust from Book Ends is quelling some of the most common Submission Freak Outs. For some reason this post reminds me of people going absolutely ballistic on me in a discussion whether to use Times New Roman or Courier New as standard font in manuscripts. Honestly? As long as it’s double-space with first line indent etc. nobody really cares. Really. Calm down.

Like I said, I suppose I’ve been a little too busy procrastinating and getting myself hung up on PoV and general editing crises, but the good thing is, revisions get moving again and maybe next year around this time I’ll be ready to think more seriously about submission. Maybe I’ve read too much Sarah Monette, but the word “bitchkitty” comes to mind whenever I think about editing. Strangely apt 8)

This week in the blogosphere

Alright, here we go with my first attempt of what I mean to be a weekly recurring post on what’s new and definitely to be read in the blogosphere. It’s basically a mix of interesting posts from agents’ and author’s blogs and blogs on writing in general. Since we all read a variety of different blogs, this might be a good way to point out the gems in tons and tons of blog posts, opinion of course is subjective, but here we go:

Just today, Nathan Bransford posted an awesome article on the definition of plot. Definitely go and check it out, because it’s rather interesting how many authors keep mixing up premises and themes with plot.

Then we have a whole list of agents who posted some helpful advice on query writing – I know of a bunch of agents who linked to those before, but hey, just for good measure (with a special emphasis on reading and sticking to the agents/agencies’ submission guidelines – simple as that…)

Lucienne Diver

Nephele Tempest

Jennifer Jackson

Go read. Then when you’re at the stage of query writing read them again. 8)

I know it’s technically belonging to last week, but Jessica Faust from Book Ends wrote another interesting post continuing a major discussion about the definition of bad books and why they get published here.

I linked to this before, but I happily join in with Nathan Bransford on It’s Not You – It’s the Odds or: Rainbows and puppies!

This is tangentially related to villain month, but I have to say I really liked elizaw’s post on villains, raising the stakes and the overall question: how much can you do to your protagonists to still make your story work? Okay, elizaw’s title is a bit shorter there…

I’ll conclude this with the words ofย 


to all the same sex couples that got married in California this week. Let’s hope that many more states will follow California’s example ๐Ÿ˜€

Brief hiatus

I just want to drop a line of apology in advance: This weekend and probably for a few more days to come, I probably won’t post much of actual content (besides finished chapters ;)). It seems to me that I’m on some sort of creative high since I’m practically doing nothing but reading and writing, especially the latter one going extraordinarily well.

I’m really happy with my latest chapters and delighted to say that I’m getting closer and closer to the end of Deviant. As far as I can see, it’ll probably be about 5 more chapters (I’m working on Twenty-Five now) plus a brief epilogue until it’s done, which might be very soon, given that I can keep it up ๐Ÿ˜€

Other than that: I’ve just finished Luck in the Shadows and have to say I quite liked it, it was a great read and I love the characters. Flewelling has some really interesting ideas and I can’t wait to read book 2, Stalking Darkness. I’ll post a review after finishing the trilogy though.

As for now, back to writing though ๐Ÿ˜‰

Query Shark

Query Shark is a rather new blog project maintained by Janet Reid, agent for Fine Print Literary Management, posting and critiquing query letters. Note that these queries are NOT regular queries sent to her directly, but ones that are specifically sent to her email to be critiqued on Query Shark.

So if you’re about to query or even if you just need some general ideas about how to write and structure your query letter, Query Shark is one of those places to go. Besides that it also is entertaining at times ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s one of those days…

It’s just not going too well today. First off I had to get up way early (not that I’m sleeping really well lately anyway) to get Stephen to work and Nazca to the vet. She has what the vet calls a “reproductory tract infection” and Stephen and me call “leaking bloody stuff all over the place”.

We were really worried about her, but she’s getting antibiotics and today she’s getting spayed (poor thing) to prevent her getting sick again. I’m hoping everything goes ok. I hate to leave my cat at the vet because I have to work all day, but she’s getting narcosis anyway and will be out for a while. Still I’m feeling bad.

At work things are going alright, but irritating and sometimes I really wish my Spanish was better so I could translate more and get people to understand what they’re supposed to do and that this does NOT include dropping their rent off here even though they haven’t been our tenants for three months. Sometimes it just doesn’t seem to sink in.

Anyway, I’m tired and grumpy for whichever reason. I guess I’m stressing too much again about all the stuff that I still get to do until I can finally apply for university. I damn sure hope that all my education records have been delivered to that evaluation agency in Florida. I’m really not feeling comfortable sending them all my originals plus fees and everything just hoping they get it done soon. Paranoid, who me? Heh ๐Ÿ˜‰

I still need to get my driver’s license exchanged (still got my good ol’ German one ;)) and will have to leave work early to do this sometime this week.

Just finished another rather trashy but still entertaining fantasy novel and started another one that just doesn’t really do it for me. Might end up putting it back on the shelf and start another one. Yeah I know I’m inconsistent, so what?

Maybe I should concentrate more on writing than on stressing, but right now I’m just too tired for it, I guess so all that’s left is ranting ๐Ÿ˜‰ Did I mention that my characters love to rant too? Seriously, it’s fun and actually productive at times too!