Brief hiatus

I just want to drop a line of apology in advance: This weekend and probably for a few more days to come, I probably won’t post much of actual content (besides finished chapters ;)). It seems to me that I’m on some sort of creative high since I’m practically doing nothing but reading and writing, especially the latter one going extraordinarily well.

I’m really happy with my latest chapters and delighted to say that I’m getting closer and closer to the end of Deviant. As far as I can see, it’ll probably be about 5 more chapters (I’m working on Twenty-Five now) plus a brief epilogue until it’s done, which might be very soon, given that I can keep it up 😀

Other than that: I’ve just finished Luck in the Shadows and have to say I quite liked it, it was a great read and I love the characters. Flewelling has some really interesting ideas and I can’t wait to read book 2, Stalking Darkness. I’ll post a review after finishing the trilogy though.

As for now, back to writing though 😉


New layout

So I’ve grown tired of yet another theme and chosen to update it. I should tinker a little bit more with photoshop to make a better image picture, but right now I’m fairly happy with this. It’s what I imagine Damian to look like and the red coat just fit perfectly. I’m going to work on it some more as soon as I have time, but for now I like it.

This weekend has been rather good for me so far. I finished Fourteen today after writing a lot today and last night. I think Ares and Damian have a great scene that marks the climax of the plot so far. I might have to tweak it here and there, but overall it’s great. I’m really happy that I finally got to write this scene and there’s another really good one to come in Fifteen.

I also created a new page that features Thirteen as an excerpt of Light for anybody who is curious about what and how I’m writing. I know there are still many things that need to be changed on it, but it gives you a general idea. Enjoy!

I also changed the way I’m formatting my manuscript, making it so every page on word approximately equals one page in a paperback novel. So far that would be 298 pages with a wordcount of 58,613, phew!

More Updates!

As promised I finally compiled a lengthy list of links to all kinds of awesome and helpful agents’ blogs and generally great writing sites. Just take a look at the sidebar. I added some categories there and I’d recommend those sites to everyone who’s either about ready to submit a query or even just in their beginning drafts. Check it out 😀

New look!

I had some time this weekend that wasn’t utterly consumed by taking care of my poor, sick hubby, writing or generally doing nothing. Anyway, so I decided to fiddle a bit with the site to update it to fit better to the brand new and shiny outline for Light.

Some of you might know the picture from the Firefly series (awesome show btw!). I chose it because it’s kinda how I imagine the Shadow to look like, nice little cargo shuttle as it is. I was thinking that maybe this looks too much like the book is becoming our same-old little standart space-travelling SciFi novel, but it won’t, trust me there (no more spoilers at this point ;))

I also did a little cutting and adding here and there on the side bar widgets. First off I scratched some titles off the booklist, because I found it somewhat confusing for everybody to list books there that I still haven’t gotten around to read. So instead we have the review I’ve done so far on the booklist and another new “What I’m reading right now” section that shouldn’t list more than 2 titles at once, because I usually don’t do that and I hate to get the feeling that I’m way behind on reviews that have been long overdue. Which reminds me that I still need to post reviews for the Imriel books Kushiel’s Scion and Kushiel’s Chosen. I just need to get around to do that 😉

Oh and widget-crazy me also added a wordcount widget to show the progress I’m making on the first draft of Light and a little Nanowrimo icon, because, hey, gotta love little badges 😉

I haven’t succeeded in adding the cover-pictures to the books I’m currently reading. For some reason the sidebar doesn’t display the html that I’m putting in. Don’t ask me why. If anybody can help me out on this, please shoot a comment in my general direction please 😉

Anyway, hope you like the new design,



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The Gods have sent your doom…

…or mine because I just opened another blog for reviews, writing and general rants about everything and everybody crossing my path. I’m going to have this be a much more public blog than my LiveJournal and hope to keep it updated on a regular basis so have fun viewing this 🙂



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