Did I mention that despite my recent writing high I’m pretty damn insomnious pondering the last three chapters (and epilogue) yet to come plus all the things that I want to edit in the draft as it is?

This doesn’t exclude the last two chapters by the way, since I’m not entirely happy with them (especially 27), so guess what I’ll do at work tomorrow?

You got it – drink looooooooooooooots of coffee! *beats insomnia with a stick*

Oh and just an aside, but I don’t remember the last book that made me cry in a while – Stalking Darkness did. Not so much for the overall plot, but because of the character interaction (Alec and Seregil FTW :D)  Yeah, but me as being sentimental sometimes 😉

Besides, did I mention that I’ve got almost 96,000 words of Deviant done and even though the ending for it totally stands, I have no clue where book 2 will lead me in the end, whether there even will be a book 3 or maybe even a fourth? Heh, I’m clueless.


Though I’m pretty sure I’ll figure it out somehow, probably as I’m writing Clairvoyance or over the 5th cup of coffee, who knows?


The perfect way to start a day…

…is with a cup of really good coffee. Do I need to mention that the Senseo machine works? Or that I’ve had a maximum of 5 hours of sleep for the last 2 days but the input of caffeine has eradicated all inconvenient side effects of insomnia? Yeah I know I’m not a healthy person, so what?

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Weekend shopping spree!

I kid you not, but this weekend has been rather good on deals for me 😉 Plus moneyless as I am right now it’s great to get paid tomorrow though that mostly goes towards my university savings. Going to the bookstore yesterday I got two more LKH books (don’t ask me why I like those, but I’m at book 6 right now and I really enjoy a light, slightly bad but still funny read now and then). I also got Heroes Die by Matthew Woodring Stover (thanks to my book guy for holding it for me till yesterday :D). I’m really looking forward to reading some more urban fantasy (review to come ;))

Today I finally set out to get myself some shoes for summer. I really am not a girly girl and I hate shopping for shoes, so brownie point for me for finally doing it. The main reasons for me really not liking to buy shoes are probably

a) the fact that I don’t wear heels and I’m really specific about my shoes (usually I don’t wear anything but my Converse All Stars, but then again I have to do a lot of running around at the office and wanted something with thicker, more comfortable soles).

b) One of my feet (the left one) is an inch shorter than my right one so finding the right size that isn’t too large for one foot nor to small for the other one is a bitch, trust me 😉 oh and

c) due to a) and b) it takes me ages to finally find what I want if that

Well anyway, despite the aforementioned reasons I’m finding myself together with Cheri (my mom in law) at Shopko, looking at various shoes and after what seems to have been hours (actually it very well might have been an hour or two), I’m finding a pair of leather shoes that are just perfect. I’ve been looking for a pair like it for a while, but they mostly don’t come without steeltoes and those just kill my feet (even though they might come in handy from time to time *evil grin*) Anyway, I got those together with a pair of brown leather sandals that actually give my mismatched feet the support that they need while also being comfy and fashionable.

So here’s one happy me, but what really made my day was finding a Senseo coffee maker on the way out that was on clearance for $17.49, which isn’t even a fourth of what they usually go for. No need to say that I definitely took it and am now in gourmet coffee heaven, since I dislike most instant coffees and generally am pretty picky about my caffeine (not that I won’t drink other kinds, but if I have the choice….)

All that’s left to say is that I’ll need to get more Senseo pads this week 😉